Monday, June 20, 2011

A Compilation of Pain, Gratitude, and Tweets

The weekend started with a bang – literally.  My head felt like it had been banged by a sledgehammer on Friday night.  To top it off I had a horrible feeling in my throat and I was extremely nauseated.  Three hot showers, a frantic call to the parents, some crying, a very worried Nate, and 3 Percocets later I was finally asleep for the night.  Saturday morning greeted me with a whole new surprise box – a pain in both my legs.  It felt as though the headache had traveled downward.  The pain still persists today but is completely alleviated when I lay down.  As usual my doctor is puzzled.  “Nothing is ever normal with you is it kid,” he said to me just a little while ago.  Dr. Teddy Bear ordered an MRI of my legs and lower spine to be done this coming Friday.  I’m putting off any worrying until we get the results.
Saturday night Nate and I went to Casa Artime at midnight to give my dad his father’s day present.  The whole family pitched in to get him an ipad 2.   My sister showed up with her husband, the three kids, and the dog (who was injured) all under the real pretense that the dog needed help ASAP.  No, my dad is not a vet but perhaps in another life he was.  At 12:15am Casa Artime had 5 kids, 3 grandkids, 2 dogs, and 2 significant others all gathered.  The funny part is that in my dad’s vision of the perfect life that’s what all Saturday’s at midnight look like so he didn’t even think to suspect that we were all plotting a big father’s day surprise.  He was very happy and surprised by his present and after about 2 hours we all went home to sleep so that we could go right back Sunday afternoon for a bar-b-q and pool party.  I think Father’s day turned out to be a success.  Good thing too because when you’re as lucky to have a dad as wonderful as mine you have to make sure that his day is as special as he makes all of his kids feel every day of our lives.  Cheers to all of the wonderful fathers out there.  I hope you enjoyed your special day!
Meanwhile I wanted to let everyone know that I opened a Twitter account this weekend.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to write a full blog but I figured this way I can keep everyone up to date with a quick tweet.  You can find me under my full name – Maria Artime.  If you’ve never used Twitter before and are worried it will be a long set up process or that you won’t be able to figure it out – don’t worry.  It’s very easy to set up and extremely user friendly. 
Today at radiation Ili gave me a rosary that was given to her by a woman who told her that she felt it should be in my hands during this time.  She has been praying for me and she felt as though she was given a sign that the rosary was meant for me to hold for a while.  I promised to keep it with me for as long as it was mine to keep.  It still amazes me that people who don’t know me are moved to think of me and pray for me.  It feels like a wonderful privilege that I’ve done nothing to deserve but can’t be grateful enough for.  I still haven’t found a way to express my gratitude in a manner that does how I feel inside justice but I’ll keep using the tools I have in the hopes that one day I find the right words or way to convey the message.  Thank you for your thoughts, your prayers, your words of kindness, and your support.  They give me strength and hope, bring me joy and laughter, and fill my heart with feelings that bring tears to my eyes and heal my sorrows.

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  1. Dear Mary...I love the Father's Day story and knowing the Artime family as well as I do, I can totally imagine it! I agree that your dad is an amazing father and person, he has my deepest admiration and respect...I can only imagine how much he loves his new toy "IPAD" but more so, how all of his children got together to make it happen...
    Baby, I so deeply touched by your words everytime I read your blog...I can't tell how enough how couragous I think you are, and I wan to thank you for sharing your struggles with us because it helps keeps us all in check and reminds us what is truly important vs what isn't...I am sending you my prayers, healing energy and much love....hope tomorrow is a pain free day for you....