Friday, January 7, 2011

The Beginning of Treatment

Last night, almost immediately after I finished the blog the phone rang.  It was UM calling to schedule my appointment to begin making the plan for radiation treatment.  I was so enthusiastic that even the woman calling to make the appointment was excited.  She told me they had been waiting to be able to make this call.  We scheduled the appointment for today at 3pm.
I went in today and and the first person I saw was the nurse that works with my doctor.  She greeted me with such a warm smile and said, "We've all been waiting to see you again."  I'm always touched by how caring the staff is at UM.  From the doctors to the nurses to the technicians they really have an incredible group of people working there.
Today they made a mask of my face and then did another CAT scan.  They call it "the simulation."  Over the next two weeks they'll create a phantom version of me and plan out what angles they will use for the radiation.  On January 19th I have my next appointment.  If all goes well, I'll be starting treatment on that day.  What a difference a few days makes!  Going from worrying about not having insurance to starting my treatment plan today really feels like a miracle!

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