Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Familiar Smile

Every Friday, while I'm doing my radiation treatment, I have to get my blood drawn to make sure my platelet levels are ok.  If they aren't, I just have to stop my treatment for a few days and wait for the levels to return to normal.  Last Friday was my first blood drawing session.  I went to the Lab Corp on the UM campus.  When I walked in, I noticed that one of the nurses looked familiar.  It turned out that she was the nurse who was going to be drawing my blood.  After we got in the room, I said to her, "I know you from somewhere."  It turns out that she also works at an OBGYN office and I used to visit that office when I was a pharmaceutical rep.  We caught up and made some small talk and then she asked me about "my situation." After I explained it all to her she says, "Now I know why I am here today."   She went on to explain that she never works at this Lab Corp but she had been asked to cover for someone.   Apparently she wasn't too happy that she had been moved around but my running into her had her day take on a whole new meaning for her.  She spoke with me and my mom for a while and told us how we would be in her thoughts and in her prayers.  When I asked her where she normally works, she told me she's usually in Miami Beach.  I said, "What a coincidence, that's where I live."  She asked me to please come by any Friday that I needed and she would be happy to see me and draw my blood for me. 
It was not only so nice to see a familiar face - especially to do my least favorite thing - draw blood.  It was so nice that I could alter the meaning of her day for her.  It's an incredible thing how we human beings add meaning to our lives and how that meaning has the capacity to alter our whole state of being.  I gave meaning to our having met at the Lab Corp too.  For me, she was sent there that day so we could cross paths.  And the fact that she works on Fridays just blocks from my home is wonderful!  Now, not only do I get to see a friendly and familiar smile when I go draw my blood, I also know it won't be so bad.  She did an excellent job.  I didn't even feel a pinch!  So tomorrow, I'll be a little more calm about drawing my blood and looking forward to catching up with her again!

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  1. When you go tomorrow, tell her that I also say hi, that she is one of our angels and that I will also keep her in my prayers, that I will be looking forward to see her next Friday. Love you. XOXOXO...