Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Gazing Healer

Last night, as Nate was reading the Miami Herald online, he came across a headline that read "A 'healer's' stare-way to heaven?"  The article was about a man from Croatia that goes by the name of Braco and spreads healing and enlightenment through gazing at an audience for 5-8 minutes.  He's been doing this for 15 years in Europe and in the last year he has been making appearances at cities across the U.S.  He was going to be sharing his gift at the Miami Beach Convention Center and for the price of $8.00 you could be a part of this healing starring contest.  Braco claims that he does not profit from his abilities and that the $8.00 a head are to pay for his travel and the cost of renting out the space.
Nate and I decided to give it a shot.  Afterall, Braco was going to be in the corner of our home and the price was certainly right.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a pretty big skeptic. But I'm also willing to give most things a try if there's any chance at all that they will hlep me heal. So at 1pm today Nate and I went to be gazed at.
Most of the session consists of a woman talking about Braco's gift and the things that she has witnessed come from it.  The audience stands when Braco enters the room and the silent gazing begins.  We were asked to focus on whatever it is that we went there for.  I was open to the experience and was very focused on my intention.  During the session an interesting thing happened.  A white like fog seemed to surround Braco.  I could see him perfectly but all around the room this fog appeared.  I couldn't even make out the colors of the walls.  I blinked my eyes and wondered how in the world this was happening.  Were my eyes playing tricks on me? When Braco left the stage, everything was crystal clear once more.
I was eager to see if Nate had the same vision.  Amazingly he recounted exactly the same phenomenon. Of course, my skepticism kicked in.  I noticed that Braco has a marked place on the stage where he stands.  He also wore a white shirt.  Maybe there was something about the color of his shirt and the exact place in the room where he stood that caused this fog like vision.
We decided to go back a second time to get a little more of that healing gaze and to see if we experienced the same phenomenon twice.  Sure enough we both did.  Nate came out of it saying that he had an even stronger experience the second time around.  I came out a little more skeptical.  I noticed that only Braco stands in the spot that he does and there are two additional lights that only shine on the particular spot that he stands.  The mixture of the lights and his white shirt along with the fact that you're starring at him could be responsible for the fog like effect.  On the other hand, maybe that's not the explanation at all and we were witnessing something that is beyond a scientific explanation.  Interestingly we spoke to other audience members that did not have the same fog like vision that Nate and I did.
Is it possible that Braco has a special gift that is transmitted through his gaze?  Yes I believe it is certainly a possiblity.  One thing I can say for sure is that there was a sense of peace in the room.  Something did appear to be taking place and I can't put into words exactly what that was.  During both gazing sessions I thanked God for Braco.  If he is the real deal, it must take an immense amount of courage to share your gift with the world.  For every 1 million people that say you have helped them, there will be 2 million that call you a fraud. 
I personally have not experienced feeling any differently than I did before I saw Braco but if in the coming weeks I notice a change, I'll be sure to report it.  I'm certainly open to the possibility that I will experience some healing as a result of todays events.  I can also say that I feel seeing Braco was worthwhile and I would recommend it to skeptics and believers alike.
If you are curious about Braco you can learn more about him on his website http://www.braco.net/.  He will be gazing at audiences in Ft. Lauderdale next month.  Oh, and according to the lady that spoke most of the time (Braco doesn't say a word) you can receive his healing gift through youtube videos of his gazing sessions - completely free of charge.  Happy gazing my friends!

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