Sunday, January 9, 2011

Friends, Wedding Bells, and Babies

It's been one of those really great weekends.  The kind that we used to have before all my symptoms.  It was almost like a tiny vacation from pain and symptoms.  That's the funny thing about pain.  It's not constant and it's not predictable.  So when a break coincides with a weekend you just gotta thank God, believe that it will last, and ride the wave.
We kicked it off Friday evening by meeting some friends in the Gables.  The weather was chilly, the food was delicious, and the company was fabulous.
Saturday we spent the day at our friends garden wedding.  There's something about being in the company of so many friends while celebrating love that makes the day feel magical.  The ceremony and reception were beyond beautiful. We couldn't be happier for our friends on their special day!  Afterward (around 7pm) Nate still wanted to party.  Poor guy hasn't gotten out much lately.  He kept asking where I wanted to go or what we could do.  It was true that we were all dressed up with no where to go.  But for me, it had been a long day and I yearned for some pajamas, puppy cuddle time, and a rented movie.  Nate agreed that my plan sounded pretty good to him too.
Today we had a completely relaxing day.  We went for a stroll with our dogs on Lincoln Road, took the scooter to Brickell to see Nate's nephew and eat some P.F. Changs, and took down our Christmas tree and decorations.  We ran into a friend on Brickell while she was in her car and we were on our scooter - life's little unexpected surprises always make me smile the brightest!
But the best thing that happened today was a baby announcement.  Our friends, a couple that is actually the very first couple that Nate and I met together (neither of them knew either one of us from before), and has become some of our dearest friends announced that they were expecting the birth of their first child.  Coincidentally, the couple that introduced us to this couple, and are also very dear friends of ours, found out on Christmas day they too were expecting their first child.  We are overjoyed for our friends!  They will make such fantastic parents!


  1. I am so happy to hear that you and Nate had such a nice weekend!....So many people love you in return for all of the love that you give!