Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Love of Sisters

When I'm asked about what I'm going through I always make sure to mention that there have also been many blessings that have come from this ordeal.  Of course I would prefer that I had received these blessings through some other means, but this just happens to be the package that they were delivered in.  So there is nothing to do but to be aware when one of them is presented, and then graciously accept.  Today I received a blessing from one of my sisters.
Growing up I used to wish I was an only child.  God answered my prayers with four siblings! Now I couldn't imagine my life without them.  We are a very close family, but there is something about the bond that sisters share that is extra special.  I have two amazing younger sisters.  Today, the sister closest to me in age called me after her doctor's appointment.  She recently had her third baby and she has been thinking for a while that this would be her last child.  When the doctor asked her if she wanted to go through with that decision, she informed her that she wasn't sure yet.  She wanted to leave her options open just in case her sister (me) wouldn't be able to carry a baby; she wanted to be able to do that for her.
She called me very excited to tell me that even if I have some fertility issues due to the radiation that my pituitary gland will receive, it will not affect my ability to carry children.  I was confused about this because the doctors had suggested that I might want to look into freezing some of my eggs.  It's a relief to know that this isn't necessary.  But more than anything I was so moved that my sister was actually willing to go through pregnancy and child birth on my behalf.  Talk about an incredible gift!  We had discussed this a while ago, and she had told me that she would carry a baby for either of her two sisters.  I was happy with just the thought that she would do something so wonderful for me.  But today, thanks to my condition, my sister's love and generosity was witnessed by me on a level that I would have not gotten to see if it weren't for what I was going through. 
I thank you sister for being the remarkable woman that you are!  Thank you for the nights you let me crawl into your bed when I was afraid, and for still protecting me from anything that might scare me.  Thank you for being an example of courage and strength to our whole family.  Thank you for your giving nature and your beautiful heart. Thank you for the gift of today's blessing!  I love you!


  1. Ok today you took my emotions over the top...The tears flowed...grace, joy and healing are not the gifts you are receiving but the gifts you are giving through this blog....

    PS You forgot to mention the time that she tried to beat up Daniella who was twice her size because she was picking on you !

    ALl three sisters are such a blessing in my life and nothing ...I repeat nothing... makes me happier than seeing the three of you loving eachother and sharing life's moments together....

  2. Thanks Ili! I knew this one would pull on your heart strings :-)
    Love you!